To the Stars and Beyond


Making complex enterprise technologies more accessible for any company through abstraction and low-code.


Democratize innovation and empower great ideas with platforms to execute them.

Fabiano Izzo

CEO 및 공동 창립자

Lucio Menna

CTO 및 공동 창립자

Damiano D'Amici

제품 책임자 및 공동 창립자

Marco Ferretti

비즈니스 개발자

Cristian Di Febo

소프트웨어 아키텍트

Team Member

Silvia Ricci

백엔드 개발자

Team Member

Luca Pizzola

블록체인 개발자

Daria Agadzhanova

블록체인 개발자

Hanan Akmel

비즈니스 개발자

Team Member

Shahrdad Nadafi

블록체인 개발자

Team Member

Ori Bachar

블록체인 개발자

Team Member

Giovanni Raffaele

프론트엔드 개발자

AstraKode Business Team

Diana Levytska

Digital Marketing Specialist

AK Business Team

Diego De Girolamo

비즈니스 개발자

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AstraKode participated in the ONTOCHAIN 2nd Open Call and won a short project funding for the BOWLER project.

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AstraKode Blockchain was mentioned by Enterprise Europe Network as a success story.

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AstraKode was selected to participate in Sente Foundry's LogisticTech acceleration program.

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Astrakode seized the opportunity to have an ESG Rating for the sustainable development of its business through BizPlace.

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2020 - Q4

AstraKode 아이디어화

At the end of December 2020, the future founders of AstraKode envisioned the creation of an assisted development platform for enterprise blockchain solutions.

2021 - June

AstraKode S.r.l의 설립

In June 2021 AstraKode officially became a company.


JADS와의 파트너십

Partnership agreement with JADS, a Dutch higher education institution focused on Data Science.


Enterprise Europe Network와의 파트너십

Partnership agreement with EEN, an EU initiative to help businesses innovate and grow on an international scale.


Innova와의 파트너십

Partnership agreement with Innova, an Italian-based Incubator and Accelerator.


AstraKode가 Sente의 가속화 프로그램에 참여합니다

AstraKode was selected to be one of the Startups participating in the LogisticTech Acceleration program by Sente Ventures.

2022 - March

AstraKode가 CERES를 출시합니다

AstraKode launches CERES, the second major release which unlocked the Generation feature for the Network Composer.


AstraKode는 Filecoin Faber Accelerator 집단에 선정됩니다!

AstraKode was selected to be one of the Startups to take part in the Faber Filecoin Faber Accelerator program.

2022 - Q3

Smart Contract IDE

AstraKode releases the Smart Contract IDE which allows users to create their own Smart Contracts

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