Available Plans

Project Complexity

  • Organizations
  • Orderer nodes
  • Peers
  • Channels


  • Projects
  • Downloads
  • Dedicate live support
  • 2 one-hour onboarding sessions
  • Network extension scripts

Low Project Complexity

Best for explorers and new users!


0€ /month
VAT Excluded
Billed monthly
0€ /month
VAT Excluded
Billed annually (Save 0€)

Project Complexity

  • 3 organizations
  • 1 orderer nodes
  • 2 peers
  • 1 channel


  • 1 project

Unlimited Project Complexity

Best for growing businesses!


500€ /month
VAT Excluded
Billed monthly
400€ /month
VAT Excluded
Billed annually (Save 1200€)

Project Complexity

  • Unlimited organizations
  • Unlimited orderer nodes
  • Unlimited peers
  • Unlimited channels


  • Unlimited project
  • Unlimited downloads

Some questions about AKB pricing

Is it necessary to register a credit card or other payment method to access the freemium perimeter of AstraKode Blockchain?

No, it is not necessary to register any payment method to use the freemium version of our platform. Simply sign up with your email and provide your name, and you’ll have full access to experience all the features and benefits offered within AKB’s free perimeter.

What payment methods does AstraKode accept?

We currently accept payments through PayPal and credit cards. However, we are continuously exploring and evaluating new payment methods to provide our customers with more options and convenience. Stay tuned for updates on additional payment methods we may introduce in the near future to enhance your payment experience with AstraKode.

How do I buy a payment plan and pay?

You can purchase the plan that fits you best here on our website or directly on the subscription section of AKB platform. For what concerns the payment, you will be able to get it done always on the platform, with our secure Stripe payment system embedded with it.