Rapidly Build, Test and Deploy Blockchain Solutions

AstraKode Blockchain (AKB) simplifies blockchain complexities with its low-code approach, ensuring traceable and accountable processes.

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The Challenge

It’s no secret that developing blockchain-based solutions can be complex and time-consuming.

Traditional methods often demand extensive expertise, resulting in delays and high costs. Moreover, outsourcing risks sacrificing control and alignment with business goals.

The Solution

AstraKode Blockchain (AKB) is designed to address these challenges and empower businesses to build trustless solutions without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

With our intuitive drag-and-drop configurator and pre-built solutions, you have all you need to create a ready-made project in a fraction of the time.

Here's what you'll find inside the AKB platform:


Network Composer

Network Composer is a user-friendly visual environment for non-experts to develop, and validate private blockchain networks, ready for deployment. It is based on Hyperledger Fabric, the most important permissioned blockchain framework for enterprise-grade blockchain networks.


Smart Contract IDE

Smart Contract IDE is a user-friendly visual environment for developing smart contracts, supporting both Hyperledger Fabric and Solidity technologies. It empowers non-experts to seamlessly create and validate smart contracts with ease.


Pre-Built Solutions

They help you leverage enterprise blockchain technology even faster, starting from a pre-built project tailored to a specific use case, remaining highly customizable according to your project needs.


Assisted Testing and Deployment

Beginning with testing in a dedicated cloud suite, you can seamlessly deploy your blockchain solutions to your preferred cloud provider or to a compatible EVM blockchain.

  • Mahir Msawil

    Mahir Msawil

    Chartered Project Manager | Digital Construction Contract

    AstraKode stands out for its prompt, respectful service and efficient SaaS for blockchain solutions. Their support is immediate, and the user-friendly digital platform is great for beginners. A dedicated Discord channel enhances communication, and their technical team adeptly evaluates blockchain applicability for specific needs. Highly recommended for improving business practices through blockchain technology.

  • Mary Rose Everan

    Mary Rose Everan

    Senior Product Manager (AIPMM Certified)

    As a non-developer, using AstraKode was invaluable in helping me to build a Hyperledger based prototype, with brilliant support from the team. By abstracting the complexities of setting up a blockchain network, this low-code platform provides a user friendly interface and scripts to expediate the design and setup of a blockchain and deploy a smart contract. I believe that this approach will be a game changer in opening up the exploration of blockchain capabilities and contribute to its more widespread adoption.

AstraKode Blockchain provides a generous freemium perimeter for exploring all features, along with flexible subscription plans tailored to suit your project’s complexity and your professional and business requirements.

AstraKode Blockchain is chosen for its unique combination of intuitive low-code approach and customizable Pre-Built Solutions. Here’s a comparison highlighting AstraKode’s unique features alongside other market solutions:
AstraKode Blockchain Common Industry Solutions
Pre-Built Solutions Yes No
Network No-Code Development Yes Limited Availability
Smart Contract No-Code Development Yes Limited Availability
Abstraction High Varies, Generally Lower
Customizability High Often Limited
Freemium Perimeter Yes Inconsistent
Vendor Lock-in No Commonly Present

AstraKode Blockchain Roadmap

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2024 Q3

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2024 Q4

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2025 Q1

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    Pre-Built Solutions

  • Effortlessly enhance process data transparency and accountability using a low-code approach and customizable Pre-Built Solutions.

  • AstraKode

    Pre-Built Solutions